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Shukun is a world leading intelligent healthcare technology platform. With the China-originated global advanced technology, Shukun is dedicated to provide intelligent products and innovation solutions to the healthcare industry.

From the in-house developed leading healthcare smart brain —“ Digital Body” technology platform, Shukun has built the most comprehensive “DigitalDoc” product portfolio, which addresses most of the critical therapeutic areas and serves some of the world’s most prevalent and lethal diseases.  The “DigitalDoc” product portfolio has already covered full patient journey from disease screening, to diagnosis and treatment planning processes and has been applied in smart imaging, smart surgery and smart health management fields.

As of today, Shukun is the only company who has obtained NMPA Class III certificates and MDR CE markings in Heart, Brain and Chest therapeutic areas worldwide. 

Shukun has the broadest hospital coverage among AI medical imaging solution providers as well. As of today, the “DigitalDoc “ products have been adopted and installed in nearly 3,000 healthcare institutions, including approximately 90% of the Top 100 Hospitals and 60% of all Class III Grade A hospitals in China.

Looking forward, Shukun will further enhance the collaboration with top hospitals, industry experts and research institutions, continue to expand AI and other advance technologies’ application in healthcare area, and empower the digitalization and smartification of the healthcare industry worldwide and ultimately, bring accessible intelligence healthcare services to all human beings.

  • 使命en

    Empower intelligent health care in the new era, build artificial intelligence digital doctors, so that they can assist human doctors,

    To provide patients with more efficient, precise, consistent and accessible healthcare services.

  • vision

    People enjoy ubiquitous smart medical and health services

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